Interview with Yağmur Özyalçın

Interview with Yağmur Özyalçın

As Özyalçın Construction’s new project Casa Oliva is now on sale, we decided to visit Özyalçın Group of Companies sales director Yağmur Özyalçın. We wanted her to give Propertync readers information such as the location and payment plans of Casa Oliva and she did.

  • Lets start from the location. How did you come up with the idea of such a project in Zeytinlik?

For the last three years, the company has focused on apartments in the Kyrenia city centre and villa projects in the east of Kyrenia. Nowadays we can see that the city has started to grow towards the east. Zeytinlik is the most beautiful area located here. Besides its natural beauty, it has an economic advantage when compared to other areas of Kyrenia. The land in question is behind Ship Inn Hotel right next to the tennis courts and football pitches. It is surrounded by nature like a place in heaven. We started to work on a project that would best fit the area. The first thing to come to mind while walking around the grounds was the poetic setting. We wanted to protect the olive trees and include them in the project as much as we could. The idea of spacious villas with large gardens fit in perfectly with the surroundings. The garden would be shared and life here would create a warm neighbourhood with social interaction. This is how Casa Oliva was created.

  • How did you integrate the villas into the green landscape on the land?

My first thought was buildings compatible with the surroundings. We collected all the olives before we began the construction and produced our own olive oil. The sentimental value was priceless. We planned to have at least one olive tree in each villa’s garden. Also, while drawing the project, we left a section for a spice and herb garden. We thought a small garden to grow herbs such as mint; parsley and rosemary would be a fun hobby for all residents. Of course there will be playgrounds for children.

  • Your location has a great advantage, who do you think will be interested in your project?

Yes, the location is superb. It’s 5-10 minutes driving distance to Kyrenia city centre and the top road going to Nicosia. This means you can get anywhere easily without going through traffic. I think the project appeals to young Cypriot professionals. But as the land is Turkish Title, foreign investors may be interested as well because it is difficult to find Turkish Title villas in this area.

  • Of course foreign investors will be interested in a Turkish title deed project in Zeytinlik. They do tend to get confused with the number of different title deeds on the island. Were the villas designed according to foreign investors and holidaymakers?

There are 14 villas in the project. Only four of them will have private pools. In other words, yes. We have considered the fact that holidaymakers may not prefer a private pool because pools need to be maintained even when they are not used. It has to always be kept clean which may be difficult for some therefore we offered options without pools. Besides, the beach is very close and easy to get to.
Some general properties are three bedrooms, 220 m2, villas with gardens. It is in the city therefore is safe and protected. There is a high quality kitchen, built in wardrobes in the bedrooms and first class flooring in all rooms. We are planning to complete this project in two years. Other options are:

• Ceramic or laminate parquet flooring in the bedrooms
• Built in cisterns
• LPG’ central heating
• Natural marble staircase.
• Swedish wooden front door
• One-piece fireplace with glass hatch (shutter).
• Split inverter air-conditioner
• Internet, satellite, telephone and CCTV foundation
• Automatic closing rolling garage gate
• Remote control garden gate
• Water pump
• Partly stone covered façade
• Street lighting
• 652 m2 common green area, playground, spice and herb garden
• An olive tree in each garden
• Options with or with out pool

If we were to talk about the payment plan, it is 25% deposit upfront and then payment up to 11 years where the first 36 months will be paid with no interest. Payments will be made to Özyalçın Construction. If you would like to learn more, feel free to come by the office.

  • When we say of Özyalçın Group of Companies the first thing we think of is Özyalçın Construction but we know you are active in other sectors. In fact recently you added a new company to the group. Would you like to tell us about it?

We have a Petrol Station, car rental company and glass-manufacturing factory. Now we have added the brand Özyalçın Energy to the group. Özyalçın Energy offers In-Charge stations. In-charge is the brand of electric car charging units. Unfortunately, our group companies are involved in high amounts of carbon emissions but we believe the number of electric cars will increase on the island and In-charge stations will be more effective then. This company started off as a social responsibility project. My sister Yaprak and I are interested in cars. It is a hobby that has been passed down from our father. We follow up on advances made in this sector. So, we wanted to pave the way for this enterprise on the island. At the moment we have 2 stations. We are aiming to have 11 stations by the end of the year. We can officially say they by March 2020 there will be 75 electric cars in the TRNC. Let’s all see how long it will take for this number to increase. We hope it will increase quickly because there are certain responsibilities we need to be aware of while living on an island. I feel we need to be more sensitive towards the environment.

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