Preparing for a Life by the Sea with FSL

Preparing for a Life by the Sea with FSL

The construction of the Four Seasons Life project continues! This Gold award winning project was declared Best Seafront Development and has gained a lot of interest from the construction sector.

Four of the island’s leading construction companies have joined together as partners and created the first project constructed by Four Vision Development. DöveçNoyanlarRecaioğlu and Tunalı Group of Companies are offering you a unique lifestyle on the seafront with their project at Four Seasons Life. It is located on 76 donums in the İskele Boğaz area, which is increasing in value due to these construction investments. Sales continue as the location has gained the interest of both local and foreign investors.

Four Seasons Life will be completed in two stages. Each stage consists of properties within affordable price ranges. This project offers residents an exclusive lifestyle, very high standards and will add value to the area.

This mega investment project consists of a total of 420 residences and offers a chance to spend every moment at the beach whilst being accommodated in properties offering all privileges. Besides the major advantage of the location, the project promises tranquillity in the 65,000 m2 landscaped gardens and ensures that investors and holidaymakers see the beautiful blues and greens of the Mediterranean. The Four Seasons Life project is providing a profitable investment opportunity and an entertainment full lifestyle, offering private, social facilities to all its residents. It’s modern concept and distinctive design plans to offer residents not only a home but also a complete lifestyle.
This project was created by four large, family construction companies and received a Gold Award by the jury at the Propertync Awards 2019. The presentations of the project were carried out by the Dovec Group sales team and gained interest both for its landscape garden design and overall architectural design, which blends into the seafront.

Döveç Group director Burçin Döveç says, “Four Seasons Life is one of the most valuable projects on the island due to its location and complementing features. The first stage will be completed in June and life by the sea will begin. We are over the moon with the attention Four Seasons Life has gained from investors, largely due to being located right on the beautiful seafront of the İskele, Boğaz area. 80% of the 212 residences in the first stage have been sold and sales of the second stage are continuing! The project will not only increase the value of the city but will also create job opportunities in the area.”

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