A New City Discovered in North Cyprus: Sun Valley

A New City Discovered in North Cyprus: Sun Valley

When an ancient or lost city is discovered it creates excitement, intrigue and worldwide fascination. Well it is definitely not an ancient city. It is, in fact, a modern “mini city” both in the mountain and by the sea known as Sun Valley.

Propertync Team recently had the pleasure of a Sun Valley Discovery Tour and we were extremely impressed. Sun Valley is an amalgamation of all the Baştaşlar Villages, all sharing an amazing list of facilities and activities.
Baştaşlar is a multi-award winning developer who have recently celebrated 50 years as a leading developer and construction company that is well known for their attention to detail and exceptionally high standard of quality finish.
Sun Valley has become a region within 2 minutes from the fantastic Korineum Golf, Tennis & Beach Club. It is also 5 minutes from the charming Esentepe Village and the super newly refurbished Esentepe municipal beach facilities.
Baştaşlar advise us that the original concept brief to the architect was a city with substantial facilities but a low density “village style” community. A community with all the facilities of a small city and all in connection to peace and harmony with sympathy to nature and human needs. The city had to be both by the sea and in the mountain and all homes must have sea and mountain views that can never be blocked.
The Sun Valley facility list seems endless including: Sun Valley Cove Beach, including the Residents Beach and water sports club, the beach yoga, dance and entertainment amphitheatre, ‘Sea Breeze’ open air cinema, ‘Sunset Cove’ restaurant and cocktail bar, Cove Beach Residents Lounge, Sailing Club, ‘Bubbles’ sub aqua club, The Wedding Chapel and ‘Moonlights’ restaurant.

Restaurants in the city:

Taro Restaurant – a popular mountain retreat where residents and guests enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner from a ‘just what you fancy’ menu and great value.
The Light House Restaurant – a cool new restaurant which sits on the clifftop overlooking Cove Beach. It even includes a private residents winter lounge with fireplace and cosy sofas.
Moonlights Restaurant – a fantastic on the beach restaurant which when completed will open during the spring, summer and early autumn months.
Sunset Cove – for light lunches and cocktails at sunset.
Friends Pub & Sports Bar – high in the mountain this will offer a meeting place for socialising, sporting and live music events.
The Garden Bistro – for relaxed dining this bistro style restaurant is also locate close to the sea.
The Heart Centre, this is a state of the art health and fitness centre that includes spa, gymnasium, aesthetic and health treatments, diet clinic and a huge conference facility.
In addition to the water sports, Sun Valley has a super bike shop and a choice of swimming pools including 2 heated, one indoor and one outdoor under the stars. They have also created the Valley Tennis Club with one traditional court in the mountain and a cliff top paddle tennis court.
The list is endless as said however other general features include, indoor and outdoor children’s play areas, a residents discount card for all facilities, bars and restaurants, a 24 hour concierge, a regular city circulating shuttle bus, a village green store, and even an organic garden to provide fruit and vegetables throughout the village.

The Villages

There are currently 7 villages however Baştaşlar Construction are expanding the village numbers with the continual acquisition of new land. The villages range from Mediterranean style townhouses to modern and contemporary studios, 1,2 and 3 bedroom ground and first floor apartments and penthouses. There are also bungalows and villas.
The villages are Infinity, Elegance, Pine Valley, Pine Valley Blue, Blue Botanic, Cove and Cove Garden. The wide selection of homes can be sea or mountainside and the prices start from £49,900 to include all the Sun Valley city facilities. Baştaşlar also help buyers with their financial ability by offering very flexible payment terms.
Baştaşlar were keen to share with us their plans to establish a social community and lifestyle for all. They have created various sports and social clubs and even have plans for regular events throughout the city. Already they have residents gatherings, which will soon become Friday night cocktails at the ‘Friends’ pub. They also discussed with us the weekly beach “hippy” market which they will run on Saturdays in the amphitheatre to bring together people for fresh village food, dance, music and beach clothing.
This is a really amazing film that has become an internet sensation for a real estate project with nearly 10,000 views in only a few weeks. The film also highlights the facts that Sun Valley was inspired by Scandinavians due to the fact that the majority of Sun Valley residents are from Scandinavia. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zx3ppJd6ke8)

Baştaşlar provide a full range of management and maintenance services from landscaping, rentals, maintenance, airport transfers and much more. Full information can be obtained by contacting info@bastaslar.com
Full information of the dates of completion of all villages and site facilities can be obtained from info@sunvalleycyprus.com

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