Kıbrıs Developments is Offering Property Owners a New Opportunity

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Kıbrıs Developments is Offering Property Owners a New Opportunity

Kıbrıs Holiday Homes is based on the idea of leasing a property bought as an investment from Kıbrıs Development projects, for a short period of time in order to provide property owners with extra income. This corporate structure will provide all services at international standards.

As part of the Blue Way Group, Kıbrıs Developments has been leading the real estate sector with innovative projects for 35 years and has been offering property owners profitable opportunities. Kıbrıs Holiday Homes rental services will be conducted in a professional manner to provide short-term accommodation. Reservations and payments may be made at

Kıbrıs Developments Project advisor and sales director, Harper Özbirim, believes in innovation and the use of technology, which he expresses in his project ideas. During the presentation meeting of Kıbrıs Holiday Homes, he relayed the reason behind this new firm. He stated the reality of how holidaymakers now prefer to rent holiday homes rather than staying at hotels and added that this is happening all over the world.
Özbirim said that leasing a property bought as an investment for short periods of time will provide more income and add value to the property. Therefore, Kıbrıs Holiday Homes has been formed to carry out the services required to create such opportunities. He emphasised that the accommodations offered and structural features of Kıbrıs Developments projects are ideal to be used as touristic residences.

Özbirim recalled their experience in the tourism sector and emphasised the advantage of the location and high standard of the properties. Kıbrıs Holiday Homes will provide its services at international standards with a holistic approach and corporate structure. There will be an online panel for listed properties and property owners will be able to see payments made.

“Adding value to a project is just as important as building it”

Özbirim said that nowadays construction companies must create services which will add value to their projects and shouldn’t focus on only the initial construction of the project. With Kıbrıs Holiday Homes, the property sector will have a good working example and property owners will be given the opportunity to add value to their investments.
At the end of the presentation, Harper Özbirim said, “This year we are celebrating our 35th anniversary. During this term, we will be presenting many innovative ideas just as we always have done until now. Kıbrıs Holiday Homes is only one of these. Our vision is to set higher standards. We follow up on what is happening around the world and analyse customer expectations. By bringing our new project to life, we are hoping to add value to our sector, and bring a great difference to Kıbrıs. We tremendously value the Turkish Cypriot culture and traditions, therefore we make sure each project we complete has sentimental value as well. Our cultural hospitality will be reflected in Kıbrıs Holiday Homes. We believe this approach will aid in promoting our country as will our other projects.”

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