Interview with Ahmet Baştaş

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Interview with Ahmet Baştaş


Propertync had the pleasure to interview Ahmet Baştaş the Chairman of Baştaşlar Construction. We asked about the Sun Valley.

  • Mr. Ahmet how and where did Sun Valley begin?

I have always loved nature and our beautiful island. I had a dream to create a lifestyle community that I could provide with our building skills.
Well Sun Valley originally started with Pine Valley, a relatively small collection of apartments in the mountain. We designed contemporary, oversize, apartments and they became immediately popular with Scandinavians. We listened to their desires and we decided to continue to produce better and better product to met our customers desires and expectations.

  • When we walked around Sun Valley we really enjoyed the atmosphere, what do you think creates this atmosphere and did you design the projects with atmosphere in mind?

Well in fact atmosphere is one of our biggest focuses in building. We created low density layout which obviously creates lots of communal areas and open space. We fill these spaces with dense landscaping and pathways which adds to the special feel.

  • You always talk about views. How important are views?

Views are one of the most important wishes of a buyer. However, views must be permanently preserved and this can only be achieved at design stage. A customer is buying a property and not an ice cream. The property will last forever and so should the views. We will never disappoint a customer by building something unexpected which could block the original view that the customer brought into. That would be unfair!

  • We see that Sun Valley has the unique advantage of having a private marina. How did you manage to achieve that?

Our advisors reported to us that in the world, marina property can achieve premium prices of as much as 50% more than competitive residential projects that do not have the benefit of a marina. So we spent years in discussions with the local municipality to convince them that such a facility would benefit the local area and raise prices for all and would provide another facility for the area to enjoy. We eventually signed contracts and we are close to completing all the engineering and design drawings.

  • We see that you are offering 7 villages that are selling quickly. What will you do if they are all sold out?

Well that’s not such a bad problem from a developer point of view! But seriously, don’t worry, we have secured substantial land holdings around this beautiful region to continue to provide different new, themed and styled villages within a growing Sun Valley.

  • People say many things about Baştaşlar and Sun Valley? Well actually I was referring to some very nice comments. For example you have quite a name as a perfectionist when building homes…

Well yes, I am a self-declared perfectionist if that’s what you want to call it. Although I must say that I don’t totally agree that its perfectionism. The fact is that building work and planning is a science, its not up for debate or conjecture. To create beauty in buildings and environments, first you must plan and second you must build as perfectly as possible. We are a company that will never over promise and under deliver. In development, some customers cannot visualise the finished product and so we produce 3d images. Baştaşlar are famous for delivering exactly what was promised in the 3d image and we have never failed to achieve customer satisfaction on this point. Too many developers in The Mediterranean show pretty pictures that have no permission or are copied from elsewhere and then cannot deliver what was promised. This will always lead to customer disappointment.

  • Where do your customers mainly come from?

It is very clear that our region and product attracts Europeans who are looking for peace and harmony and value for money. We have very many Scandinavian residents in Sun Valley in particular Swedish and Norwegian. We also have many German and British residents and a growing number of Russian speaking. They are all wonderful people coming together to celebrate the serene and beautiful Sun Valley.

  • What do you think of your prices?

As a developer I must say, they are much too low. Seriously, of course they are low compared to established Mediterranean markets but as long as we make a small profit then it’s a win win for buyer and seller. One thing I can say for sure, our customers get fantastic value for many. We have often been described as the Mercedes of the house building industry. Actually I would prefer Rolls Royce but I will happily accept Mercedes. We also have a full price range so everyone can enjoy Sun Valley. Our selection starts from £49,900.

  • When will all the facilities of Sun Valley be open?

Well we are over 60% complete in the villages and some are 100% complete with people living. We also have Taro Restaurant, Spinners Bike Shop, several swimming pools, and many other features open already. The entire completion is in approximately Spring of 2021. However, Sun Valley is constantly growing and we expect to add more facilities in time.

  • What is the reason for your success?

Firstly, I had great training from our 50 year old family business. Secondly, I have amazing directors and staff. As the third, I am a perfectionist if that’s what you call it. Fourth, I love to create beauty for others. Fifth and last thing is, I always seek solutions and I have a marathon mentality.

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