The Choice of a Garden or Terrace at Salamis Gardens

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Project Focus
The Choice of a Garden or Terrace at Salamis Gardens

While Akol Group of Companies is preparing for future ambitious projects, they are also this issue’s guests with their Salamis Gardens project. This residential site is located in Yeniboğaziçi and has a choice of ground floor flats with gardens or top floor flats with private terraces. Sales of the project are continuing. You might want to consider this project as a place to lead a happy life, a holiday home or an investment with rental return. 

Just As You Imagened!

Turkish Title deed ‘Salamis Gardens’ project is close to many hotels and social facilities. It is also close to several historical sites, the most famous being the Salamis Ruins that are visited by thousands of tourists every year. It is 750 metres away from Venus Beach, Kocareis Beach, Mimoza Beach, Glapsides Beach and Silver Beach; some of the best beaches along this stretch of coastline.
The project has a fascinating landscape design and swimming pool and is also designed in a way that each flat will have its own private parking spot. 75 m² two bedroom flats will have double-glazing aluminium windows, ceramic tile flooring and infrastructure for air conditioning in all bedrooms. A water pressure pump, fireplace, common satellite system and generator will also be included. The timber and stone art together with specially grown trees will create a spectacular view in the gardens.
The project’s show house has been decorated by the company’s architectural team and every item has been placed to help potential customers imagine it as your own home. The advantage of buying on the site includes the after sales services which the Akol Group can offer, for example, sorting maintenance issues or offering rental services.
Salamis Gardens’ properties are a modern version of today’s holiday homes. The project consists of 36 flats located in Yeniboğaziçi, a growing area where properties are increasing in value. It is 10 minutes away from the beautiful city of Famagusta and 5 minutes from the growing city of İskele. Our spacious and practical flats wait for you to create your Mediterranean fairy-tale with your loved ones. The project is due for completion by the end of 2020.

Preparations for Future Projects Continue

Akol Group of Companies complies with the city’s environmental, historical and cultural texture. It aims to enhance and improve life standards but at the same time protect the natural surroundings. Also, it is one of the companies to aspire the moulding of advanced technology, the right business partners, high quality materials, precise architecture and engineering services into one in all its projects.
Akol’s prestigious main office is in Famagusta, therefore most of its projects are in, or around, the Famagusta area. During the company’s spectacular New Year’s party, there were hints that there are preparations being made for projects in Karpaz, Yenierenköy, İskele and Kyrenia. Akol Group of Companies Director, Niyazi Şanal, and the Sales & Marketing Manager, Özgür Koca, mentioned the new projects during their presentations made at the party. They stated that the company is working for the future of North Cyprus and that they will be completing new, modern and qualified projects soon.

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