Famagusta Be Ready To Move In

Famagusta Be Ready To Move In

The city centre of Famagusta has always been lively and busy due to the universities located there. Eastern Mediterranean University, which is the oldest, together with Cyprus West University and The University of City Island have had a large effect on the population of the city. In fact, the service industry has improved in order to meet the needs of students and have made the city brighter.
The city comes to life during the summer months, as the nearby beaches and historical sights attract not only students but also tourists from all over the world. Restaurants, hotels and clubs provide entertainment for visitors and local residents alike. Famagusta is a fun city and with the addition of the island’s first shopping centre, City Mall, the city now has a place where you can socialise with friends and family. City Mall has 60 stores, 5 cinema screens, a DIY store, a play area for children and a large car park.
While the city of Famagusta has been growing, the need for housing has increased. During the last five years, construction companies have created projects that reflect the beauty of the city. These contemporary designed architectural projects, built with the latest technology, are now complete. Here we have brought together a list of the largest projects completed within the last few years. Each project offers a unique investment opportunity to those who would like to live in the city.

Terrace Park

The project’s greatest advantage is that it is located in the city centre of Famagusta and is within walking distance of the Eastern Mediterranean University, hospitals, shopping centres and cafes. With its high rental return, it is a great investment opportunity. Terrace Park offers a choice of one and two bedroom flats together with three bedroom, two storey loft designs. There are 102 flats in total, each promising a high return to investors.


Caddemm has a unique location within walking distance to University of City Island, numerous banks and shopping centres. This project is home to North Cyprus’s first and only private high street and is in the heart of the city. The project offers a high rental return and will only increase in value. Block A consists of 5 shops, Blocks B and C offer more than 7 storeys and consists of 11 shops and 119 flats of different sizes and designs. The swimming pool, café, pub, restaurants and sports centre are located in Block D which is just two storeys. Block F is also more than seven storeys and consists of 5 shops in different sizes and 70 comfortable flats in different positions and again in different sizes.

Angel Towers

The Angel Towers project is located in the city centre and has a unique design. It represents a new, modern Famagusta with symbolic features. This modern, luxury complex has been designed for those who prefer a contemporary feel. It has underground parking and consists of two high rise apartment blocks with access by lifts and 37 shops. There are both one bedroom and two bedroom apartment configurations to choose from with Block A spread over 11 floors and Block B over 13 floors. Each apartment offers a perfect view of the surrounding city. Angel Towers, is again located within walking distance of banks, schools, universities, restaurants, shops, sports and entertainment facilities, bowling alleys, Famagusta harbour, historical sites and the coast; offering you a high quality lifestyle. In short an ideal investment opportunity for all.

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