Two Leading Companies, Naturally Together...

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Two Leading Companies, Naturally Together...

Kıbrıs Development is one of the leading companies in the construction sector in North Cyprus, and the status and results of the teams that realized the project and the project, Kıbrıs Development entrusts the wooden works to the Ciddi Mutfak brand in the new project Natura. The two companies that worked together in the previous firms continue to produce successful business for the country.

The settings signed by Çağatay Özbirim, Kıbrıs Development director and Amber Ciddi Arabacı, one of the Ciddi Mutfak directors, include interior fixed furniture of 68 privileged residences and gym center.

Lineadecor, which is the leading brand in the field of quality assurance and in the kitchen cabinets of private houses in the project, was preferred. Bringing the Lineadecor brand to our country, Ciddi Home offers world standards to North Cyprus’s Real Estate Projects.

Those who use the natural life and the unity of nature as a marketing campaign, and the leaders who stated that Natura will work with the selection of environmentally friendly materials, expressed their happiness when they came together.

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